MySQL - неочевидная неприменимость индексов при сортировках

Using Index to Sort Data Another great benefit of BTREE index is – it allows to retrieve data in sorted form hence avoiding external sort process for executing of queries which require sorting. Using index for sorting often comes together with using index to find rows, however it can also be used just for sort for example if you’re just using ORDER BY without and where clauses on the table . In such case you would see “ Index ” type in explain which correspond to scanning (potentially) complete table in the index order. It is very important to understand in which conditions index can be used to sort data together with restricting amount of rows. Looking at the same index (A,B) things like ORDER BY A ; ORDER BY A,B ; ORDER BY A DESC, B DESC will be able to use full index for sorting (note MySQL may not select to use index for sort if you sort full table without a limit). However ORDER BY B or ORDER BY A, B DESC will not be able to use index because requested order does not line up with the order of data in BTREE. If you have both restriction and sorting things like this would work A=5 ORDER BY B ; A=5 ORDER BY B DESC; A>5 ORDER BY A ; A>5 ORDER BY A,B ; A>5 ORDER BY A DESC which again can be easily visualized as scanning a range in BTREE. Things like this however would not work A>5 ORDER BY B , A>5 ORDER BY A,B DESC or A IN (3,4) ORDER BY B – in these cases getting data in sorting form would require a bit more than simple range scan in the BTREE and MySQL decides to pass it on. There are some workarounds you can use though.